Philip Jennings

Meet the Team - Philip

Five years ago, Philip hit the architecture world with a simple goal in mind. Keep it simple! Whilst appreciating that architecture is a complex business, he believes the secret to any successful business is to not over complicate matters, his streamline service ensures his clients are excited about the works to come, not worried. A keen property developer on the side, he may know a few tricks to save you money during construction!

Cameron Spencer


Head of operations in the office, Cameron has spent the last 5 years perfecting the service alongside Philip. Over 1000 successful projects have been completed under Cameron’s watch. Cameron’s free time is mainly taken up training his new puppy, Woody.

Rebecca Parnell

Head of Administration, Rebecca oversees all applications with the council, ensuring we are always in communication with the planning officers throughout your application. Her connections with the planners, keeps our approval record on track. In her free time, Rebecca is a very talented singer and song writer.

Adam Pedley


Adam looks after our new and existing applications with the council, keeping our clients up to date with their projects and ensuring a smooth process. He also manages the tech side of the business for our website. In his free time, Adam is a keen web developer and tech guru.

Rafael Ramirez

Meet the Team - Rafael

Rafael has been with the team since the beginning, his passion for architecture and work ethic is second to none. Rafael oversees all drawings completed, ensuring the standard and details are up to his expectations. Rafael is family man and enjoys making memories with his wife and young son.

Joaquin Martinez

Joaquin oversees all drawings within the office, his attention to detail certainly keeps the office on its toes! Joaquin is very hard working and always looking to improve his architectural skills and knowledge making him a very valuable member of our team. When Joaquin is not working, he is keeping an eye on the industry, enrolling on new courses for software upgrades or new methods of construction.

Nathan Hewitt

Nathan is halfway through his masters degree. Having achieved a distinction so far, he is well on his way to make a huge impact in the architectural world. Nathan has a true passion for architecture which is evident within each one of his projects, receiving the praise of all our customers.

When Nathan is not working, he enjoys traveling with his partner and seeing the various styles of architecture around the world.

Francesca Hudson

Francesca is working towards a masters degree, having achieved lots of success so far. Francesca’s concentration is on bringing creative ideas to the table. Her skill set includes out of the box thinking to create cost effective designs suited to any and all budgets.  When Francesca isn’t  working, she enjoys travelling and soap making.


Katie is halfway through her masters degree, having achieved a distinction so far. Katie has a passion for interior design and expresses this in each of her projects, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the original features of a building. In her spare time, she enjoys renovating furniture and hiking. She also has 2 cats that are named after the iconic architects “Erono Goldfinger” and “Mies van Der Rohe”.


Meet the Team - Kamila

Kamila recently passed her architectural degree in the beautiful city of Paris following the footsteps of her Father, who is also an Architect. Having worked in Paris, Kamilla has lots of  creative ideas to bring to the table and is welcome addition to our growing team. Outside of the office Kamilla is a skilled artist and proficient guitarist.