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Single Storey Extension Plans

Looking to Upgrade your Existing Property?

Have you been thinking about moving home to get more space? At Extension Plans UK, we know it's not always an easy decision. However, as experts in single-storey extensions and online planning tools for over 10 years now, we can offer something that will suit everybody! Our team of professionals are here to help with the most cost-effective solutions - whether you're looking for a living room extension or just some extra bedroom storage area. We've helped so many people realise their dream homes with our online designs being tailored specifically by each client.

Online Extension Plans for One Storey

Expanding a simple home is a good way to gain additional space. As the cost of moving only goes one direction more people are choosing to make improvements. Single storey extensions are also a perfect option if you need a spacious family-friendly open plan living space. Open-plan spaces are ideal for relaxing, enjoying time with your family and can use just about every corner into a workplace when necessary. The open plan area frees up space that could become a suitable working area in another part of the house for office use. Hence it can help add square footage.

How Long Will a Single Storey Extension Take to Build?

A single-storey extension can be carried out quicker than this but it’s always best to allow for time, especially if you’re putting in the kitchen and everything else. You’ll want to get planning permissions beforehand as well because that takes a little more time. This is just an estimate though – your builder may have other projects going on so they might need less or more time depending on what happens with those things.

Types of Single Storey Extensions

Rebound side extension means that you reach the narrow alleyway that is generally unused inside the home. Side return extensions are common in Victorian homes. Rear extensions can significantly differ depending on your original property type. A rear extension can radically transform the design of your home and change a small kitchen into a wide open-plan space.

Wraparound extensions are combining the sides and rear extensions and will significantly change the size of your home. A terraced house has a narrower but shallower rear extension whereas a detached property can have a wide extension. Extensions wraparound are common in traditional and contemporary housing. the two as you may just know there’s an issue once building work starts which must be done.

Side Returns – If you’re looking for a small single-storey extension then a side return tends to be the most cost-effective option, but not by much. A side-return extension makes use of space at the side of your house and is ideal if you want more than just an average-sized kitchen area – it can give up as much square footage usable on one level as some houses have in all their floors put together!

Single Storey Rear Extensions – Rear extensions are great for adding square or rectangular space to your home that can include a kitchen, dining area and even a utility room. If you’re looking to make the most out of this type of extension then it’s best if they have large open plan spaces so there is ample opportunity for creativity with furniture arrangements. These offer more options as far as where these rooms could be positioned in relation to other parts of the house which makes them excellent choices when you want an expansion b4ut don’t know exactly what kind yet!

Wrap-Around Extensions – If you’re looking to make your home more spacious, then a wrap-around extension is the perfect solution. This type of extension can be installed on many different types of houses including semi-detached and terraced homes. A rear extension will provide an open plan living area with room for everything from kitchen appliances to even a downstairs bathroom!

Do I need to Comply with Building Regulations when Building an Extension?

All alterations to listed buildings are required consent. There is a charge against one for entering a listed structure without approval. Getting a warranty for your extension may also be useful for something such as structural defects and faulty workmanship. Planners will always see the existing property as more important than your plan to add. Any extension would therefore have to respect the aroma, appearance and historic materials used for the construction of the original house. If you have a problem with planning permission you should submit a complete plan submission or build notice. 

Permitted Development on a Single Storey Extension on an Existing House

When you are looking to add an extension, it is vital that the work complies with building regulations.  This is where we come in, our team of expert extension planners can help give you all of the advice and guidance needed when it comes to the building regulations of your extension. 

You will need to submit planning permission for approval of your proposed plan and application fee as well as information on how much each authority charges or if there are any certified contractors in your area who can help out without involving your local planning authority. By obtaining a Lawful Development Certificate, confirms that you have permission, from the government agency, for any planned changes in your home. This certificate will be very helpful when it comes time to sell.

How Much is a Single Storey Extension?

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Extension Plans UK has been helping homeowners in search of online single-storey extension planning. With our years of experience and expertise, we can help make your design come to life with ease! We have a team on standby 24/7 that is ready to jump into action when you need assistance for anything from general architectural advice, online web services or construction work – no matter how big or small your project may be!

So when you require a professional single-storey extension planning service, pick up the phone and speak to Extension Plans UK, you won’t be disappointed.

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