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At Extension Plans UK, we know it is easier to extend your home than move home and a loft conversion is an ideal way to gain more space. We are experts when it comes to online loft conversion planning and online drawing services. We can offer the most cost effective solutions to help you achieve your perfect living arrangements, our team can handle it all and for a number of years we have been helping our clients realise their dream home.

Planning Permission and your Loft Conversion

You can use Permitted Development Rights to extend your roof space by up to 50m3, or 40 m3 for terraced housing. This is provided the allowance hasn’t been removed or used up before. The limitations are strict, but it saves you from having to go through a complicated and time-consuming process of getting planning permission!

The placement of your roof in relation to the slope is important if you want to avoid getting into trouble with the council. There are also some limitations on what materials can be used and, depending on where it falls within a designated zone or conservation area, there may not even need permission from the planning department for any conversions over 40m3-50 m3. 

The Best Loft Conversions for the Most Space

For those who want to make the most of their space, a loft conversion is just what they need. L-shape conversions are popular for Victorian houses and other properties with similar styles because it involves constructing two dormers – one over the roof of the main house and a second above an existing kitchen or bathroom. The two dormers meet up at angles that create right angle ‘L’ shapes (hence why this type of conversion came to be named).

The L-Shape loft conversion is the best option because you’ll be able to replicate your first floor’s design and space. You can get up to three or four new rooms, but no other loft-type will give you as much additional room for storage!

Types of Loft Conversion Drawings to Consider

How do you know which type of loft conversion is right for you? That will largely depend on three factors: what kind of roof your house has, how and where the space should be used, and what size budget. There are three different types that a person can choose from; internal conversions, dormer conversions or full removal/builds to create an entirely new room.

The cheapest and simplest way to convert a room into usable space is an internal loft conversion. However, dormer conversions are the most popular because you get more living area with less building work usually required if your home has exposed roof rafters or beams that can support another floor level of habitable space.

Full removal and build-type conversions will give you complete flexibility in terms of what type of new interior design needs to be incorporated but they cost a lot more than any other option on this list for good reason–they require major structural changes that may not even involve adding walls!


Internal Loft Conversions

Converting the loft space of your home is a great way to give more living and storage area. These cost-effective additions involve adding windows into existing roof slopes, insulating floors with new materials for strength, and reinforcing the ceilings below so that they can hold greater loads on top without becoming unsafe or unstable from weight distribution changes.


Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer loft conversions can be a way to add an extra bedroom, study room, or bathroom. This will allow you and your family more space without having to move out of the house!

  • Single Dormer – A popular choice for planners in conservation areas, two of these can be used to increase space and add symmetry.
  • Full Width Dormer – This loft conversion will maximize space and give you a completely different feel to any other type of home.
  • Side Dormer – A side dormer is often used to increase head height for houses with a hipped roof, where access to the loft is located under that hip. This can be useful if you have an attic too small or not accessible enough and need more space in your house! The solution would then come thanks to this beautiful addition which will also add character of style while solving problems at the same time.
  • L-Shape Dormer – Imagine the space you would have if you could add on to your house in order to make it more liveable. The L-Shape Dormer provides a significant amount of additional living space and can be added onto almost any type of home, including Victorian homes with an addition at the back.
  • Hip to Gable – A gable wall is not typically considered an attractive part of a home. However, when it’s used in the construction to replace hips and create extra space with full headroom, you have something that will make your house stand out from all others on the block!

Roof Off Loft Conversions

These loft conversions require removal and rebuild and are usually two different types; 

  • Mansard Conversions – Mansard conversions are a popular way to build an additional storey on your home. Upgrading with this type of conversion will allow you more space and headroom in the living area, better family life spaces such as dining rooms or lofts; it also increases security by adding fire resistant walls between levels. The materials that comprise mansards vary depending on design but typically include roofing tiles for waterproof surfaces like slates (which can be hard-wearing) and cavity cladding boards which provide insulation from exterior weather conditions whilst allowing rainwater drainage through weep holes at the base of each panel. 
  • Prefabricated Loft – If you have limited vertical space inside of your roof, then the existing one can be replaced with a larger one. Room in the Roof trusses are craned into place to form the shell and then over it is constructed a watertight prefabricated unit that takes just two days to install!

Planning Permission for your Loft Space

Planning Permission can be difficult to obtain, but when you convert your loft into a bedroom it may not even need it! Speak with an expert like us and we will inform you if this is the case. If they don’t approve of your plans just yet, proceed by getting a Lawful Development Certificate for good measure before proceeding with conversion work on the property. A Lawful Development Certificate is a document which confirms that you have permission from the government agency for any planned changes in your home, and it will be very helpful when you eventually come to sell.

Loft Conversion Building Regulations Drawings

It pays to adopt a full plans application approach and have a detailed scheme approved. Having an approved design will take much of the risk out of the work. Your Building Control officer will inspect the work at various stages. On the final inspection they should issue you with a completion certificate. Don’t settle any final accounts until you’ve received the certificate, so don’t settle final accounts. Have a detailed design before you find a builder before you even try to find a contractor.

Loft conversions are a great way to add more space in your home. However, you will need Building Regulations Approval before the construction can begin or else there could be serious fines and penalties enforced by either your Local Authority or an approved inspector. One of two ways is usually necessary:

A Building Notice: The form is an optional way to speed up the process and make it easier for your builders, but there are no specific regulations about loft conversion. If you do not want any delays in construction or additions of fees from inspectors, then this option may be ideal for you.

Full Plans Application: We provide fantastic loft drawings with clear instructions on how to build compliant structures. You can rest easy knowing that all your hard work will have a sub-par result, and we’ll be there for you the whole time!

Loft Conversion Plans Cost

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Are you in search of loft conversion plans? Then there is no reason to choose anywhere else, be sure to make Extension Plans UK your first and only port of call. We have a number of years in the architectural planning industry and are on hand to provide professional advice and online loft conversion planning services to clients across the UK.

No matter how big or small your loft conversion project is, you can rest assured that our dedicated team is on hand to assist and complete work to a high standard. So when you are in need of a professional loft conversion planning service, pick up the phone and speak to Extension Plans UK, you won’t be disappointed.

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