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We are extension plans UK, the one stop shop for cheaper and faster architectural plans for planning permission and construction in Cheshire.

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Local Extension Plans in Cheshire

Online Planning Drawings and Building Regulations

We are Extension Plans UK, the one stop shop for cheaper and faster architectural plans for planning permission and construction.

House Extension Plans in Cheshire

Having your home extended is a great way to increase the space in your property, perhaps you are looking to create a new larger kitchen/diner or even a playroom for your children, with our house extension plans online your possibilities are endless. Here at Extension Plans UK we are experts in planning drawings online and can create online extension plans for both single storey extension and double storey extension plans all at competitive prices. We are an online reputable team with all of the experience and knowledge for extension planning online, so if you aren’t sure where to start we are here to help, for more information be sure to call our team today.

Having provided online drawing plans for extensions for a number of customers throughout the UK, we have developed a renowned reputation for providing quality building work with an exceptional level of service. So if you are ready to start an extension or simply have an idea in mind, don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team today. Our expert extension planners can provide a range of online drawings or advice, and what’s more is we aim to exceed customer expectations, there is nothing better than a satisfied customer.

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Who Are Extension Plans UK?

We are extension plans UK! We offer a new, quicker, and cheaper way to obtain architectural drawings for all your planning needs. Book in a free design call to discuss your project and answer any questions, we will then send a surveyor around to your property and our ARB registered architects create professional architectural design plans which are submitted to the council for planning and permitted development approval. Our streamline system means you receive your drawings a lot quicker, and at a fraction of the cost of your local architect without compromising on quality.

Local Extension Planning in Cheshire

When you choose the team at Extension Plans UK we will always plan your extension with your requirements, budget and planning/building constraints in mind. Our most important reminder when planning your extension is how you want to live in and use the space, so they complement and enhance the existing space. Whether you are wanting to plan a single storey extension or a double storey extension our team are here to help.

When you have decided the size and layout of your planned extension our team can look into the practical requirements such as access, integration and impact on any existing spaces. Our team is constantly up to date with the latest trends and development all at competitive prices, so if you are looking to plan your extension online then be sure to contact the team at Extension Plans UK.

Online Extensions Planning Process

We have an experienced team of ARB registered Architects to create your architectural plans to gain approval from the council allowing you to start work on construction with minimal delay. We cut out the initial site survey and unnecessary meetings and instead request that you provide the information to allow for us to start work immediately. Document upload icon Upload measurements All you need is a tape measure! Download our guide for instructions on how to take the necessary measurements for us to work with. Not comfortable measuring? Get in touch to see if we have a local surveyor that can measure your property for you, we will handle the rest.

Upload measurements

All you need is a tape measure! Download our guide for instructions on how to take the necessary measurements for us to work with.

Not comfortable measuring?
Get in touch to see if we have a local surveyor that can measure your property for you, we will handle the rest.

Upload photos

No need to hire a photographer, a simple smart phone is enough. Please provide pictures of the internal and external of your property. The more the merrier!


Now its out turn to get to work. Our Standard Drawing time is 12 days; however, we can offer fast track packages, within 6 days (+ £97.00), within 3 days (+ £347.00) or next day turn around (+ £497.00).

Receive your drawings

We will email you a copy of your plans as soon as we are able to. We will then work with you on the design until you are happy for the plans to be submitted to the council. We don’t charge for amending your plans and we submit your application free of charge so you do not have to worry about any additional charges.
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Why Are We Competitive For Online Planning Costs?

Despite what you may of heard, cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality. Imagine a company that provides a good service and quality drawings without ripping its clients off… The average architect fee is around 10-15% of the build cost, that’s £4,000 – £12,000 in drawings! Don’t get us wrong, we believe there is a time and a place to charge this fee, but not for a simple extension, loft conversion or garage conversion.

Do we cut any corners because we are considerably cheaper? No, of course not, drawings have to be a certain standard to be accepted by the council and building control officer, you can’t cheat the system, and we certainly wouldn’t be where we are by cutting corners. Save yourself some money and let us help you through your project.

Did we mention we are ARB registered?

Reliable and Experienced Online Extension Planners UK

At Extension Plans UK, we are experts when it comes to online extension planning and online drawing services. We offer the most cost effective solutions to achieve your perfect living arrangement, rather than you having to move property. No matter if it’s single storey extensions planning or double storey extension planning, a garden office or even loft conversions we can handle it all and for a number of years we have been helping our clients realise their dream home.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Extension Planning Online

How is it such a quick turnaround?

When appointing an architect, a lot of time is lost due to organising the initial meeting, the site survey and any follow up meetings. As our customers provide the necessary measurements of their property we are able to start the drawings process immediately. Any conversations our customers wish to have is addressed through a telephone conversation and we always on hand for questions and queries. By removing site visits and unnecessary meetings from our process we can focus on providing your drawings as quickly as possible.

How is the fixed price guaranteed?

The majority of architects work on an hourly rate or a percentage of the build costs which makes it impossible to offer a final price until works have been completed. This can lead to unforeseen costs and an unexpectedly high final invoice. We have streamlined our service to provide you with only that which is necessary. We charge for your drawings only and will give you the finished price before you appoint our service, this includes one revision of your first draft plans.

Can I carry out my own survey?

Yes! All you need is a tape measure. Add the necessary measurements of your property onto a quick sketch and we will do the rest. If you have estate agents floor plans you can add the measurements to these plans to make the process even easier. If you neighbour has a similar layout and has previous architectural plans then we could also work from these. Please see our guide for more detail.

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